New Liberty Distillery is reinterpreting some of the famous, but forgotten, Maryland brands that once formed the foundation of the American whiskey industry. We call these brands our Maryland Heritage Series and are honored to make them once again available to consumers after their long absence.

At the turn of the century, the Baltimore area was home to numerous distilleries with well-known and respected brands. They all closed down over the years with the old sites either gone, in ruins, or being used for products other than alcohol. Some of the famous old Maryland brands were marketed by companies whose only address was an office on or near E. Pratt Street in Baltimore. In some cases these merchants filled orders with product from distilleries with whom they contracted. In others, the distillery was probably just a mixing and blending room with a bottling machine. If the whiskey was distilled on site, the distillery itself was simply more an urban factory than rural distillery complex.

Rob Cassell close-up for websiteWe have decided to bring three of these old famous distilleries back to life by reviving the brand they were most famous for back in the day. Our master distiller, Robert J. Cassell, searched far and wide for existing whiskey stocks that could be blended to create the easy drinking style of pre- and post-Prohibition Maryland whiskey.

Each of the brands we chose played a different role in making Maryland famous for whiskey and our plan is to bring them back to life one by one for today’s consumer to once again enjoy. We hope you can taste the history in every sip!