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Recipients Selected from a Record-Breaking Pool of Entrants Across 39 States

CHICAGO, IL (March 3, 2016) – The American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA), in affiliation with Artisan Spirit Magazine (ASM), last night announced the winners of its Third Annual Judging of Craft Spirits, who were honored during the Awards Dinner as part of the Third Annual ACSA Distillers Convention and Vendor Trade Show at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago. Winners were hand-selected among a record-breaking pool of nearly 450 entrants – up more than 30 percent over last year.

In its first year with spirits being judged, New Liberty Distillery took home three medals in the Whiskey Category:  A Silver medal for Kinsey American Whiskey Aged 7 Years Cask Strength, and Bronze medals for Kinsey Rye Whiskey Cask Strength and New Liberty White Whiskey.

Modern Distillery Age Tasting Panel
By:Modern Distillery Age, February 26, 2016,

Modern Distillery Age’s Tasting Panel reviews New Liberty Distillery’s 80 proof Rye Vodka and 80 proof White Whiskey.

Aging barrels rest on the 2nd floor of New Liberty distillery at1431 N. Cadwallader Street on February 8, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pa. ( DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer )

Craig LaBan picks his 47 restaurant, food, and drink faves from Fishtown and Kensington
By: Craig LaBan, Inquirer Restaurant Critic, February 18, 2016,

Craft spirits, in particular, have become a force in short order, as the opening of five distilleries within just the last year and a half – and a sixth big one opening soon – has created a veritable Distiller’s Row. And there’s a growing population of thirsty millennials to lap it all up.

Cost Analysis:  From Grain to Retail Shelf
By: Frank Maher, January 23, 2016,

At the local liquor store, the average consumer is treated to spirits of all varieties, ages, levels of quality and artisanship, but generally has little or no appreciation for what it costs the distiller to make those spirits and get those bottles onto that retail shelf.

New Liberty‘s Frank Maher highlights that distillers must know not only how to make a great spirit, but also have a keen understanding of cost of goods sold (COGS) and key cost drivers to appropriately price a spirit to build a self-sustaining and successful brand.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour at Philadelphia’s New Liberty Distillery
By: Arne Morin, January 23, 2016,

I started off 2016 with a New Year’s resolution that was a little different from years past. I decided this year that I needed to try more locally made hand-crafted spirits. My recent trip to New Liberty Distillery in Philadelphia’s Old Kensington neighborhood inspired this New Year’s resolution.


Kinsey-Sam-Schmidt-Tasting-940x627Tasting Through New Liberty Distillery’s Spirited Repertoire
By: Arne Morin, January 23, 2016,

In Part 1 of my New Liberty adventure, I took you through a behind-the-scenes tour of this up-and-coming Philadelphia distillery located in the Old Kensington neighborhood. At the end of the tour I enjoyed a full tasting experience that encompassed New Liberty’s vodka and whiskeys as well as its revived Kinsey brand of signature blended whiskeys.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.20.13 AMThe All-In-One Skid Distillery: Specific Mechanical Systems
By: Chris Lozier, Winter 2015-16, Artisan Spirit

New Liberty’s Rob Cassell and Specific Mechanical Systems’ Reo Phillips share the result of their engineering, testing and building: the All-In-One Skid Distillery.

12/28/15 On the Grid | New Liberty Distillery
By: Melissa McFeeters for On The Grid

New Liberty is one of the latest distilleries to pop up in Philadelphia. Stop by for one of their weekend tours (they offer several different packages) and head on up to the bar on the third floor where bartenders mix up creative cocktails featuring their own signature whiskeys combined with homemade syrups and herbs from the garden outside. It’s a beautifully renovated building and a frequent private event space.

Cole Swindell ‘You Should Be Here’

December 24, 2015
Check out this awesome new single from country superstar Cole
Swindell that was filmed at our distillery! This looks like another
great hit for Cole and we were honored to have the video filmed in our
barrel room.

New Liberty Distillery – 2015 PA Whiskey Distillery of the Year

November 7, 2015

The New York International Spirits Competition (NYISC) is truly an international spirits competition, and has created new categories as the spirits world continues to evolve. The number of international whiskey producers continues to grow at an incredible rate, and as a result the NYISC has created (on advice from trade buyers and judges) the “American Single Malt” and “International Single Malt” categories.


local-spirits-940PhillyMag Foobooz

October 9, 2015

Philadelphia’s booming distilling scene is ridiculously young (thanks to only recently changed licensing laws), and yet we’ve already got spirits on the shelves that can hold their own against some of the most recognizable global brands. Here are seven worth adding to your liquor cabinet.

T20150920_inq_aefood20z-balking whiskey with Rob Cassell
By: Craig LaBan 9/21/2015,

Craig LeBan, famed food and beverage writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, sits down to talk whiskey with our co-founder and master distiller Robert Cassell. The wide ranging conversation covers Rob’s Philly activities such as his decision to leave Philadelphia Distilling to start New Liberty Distillery and his revival of the once great Philly based brand called Kinsey Whiskey. The interview continues with a discussion on Rob’s other distillery project in Ireland called the Connacht Whiskey Company where he will be making pot still Irish Whiskey and also covers the line of distilling equipment that Rob both designed and represents.

new-liberty-whiskey-barrels-940Fette Sau Whiskey Dinner Set for September 10th
By: Arthur Etchells 9/9/2015, Philadelphia Magazine

On Thursday, September 10th at 7 p.m., Fette Sau BBQ Restaurant in Philadelphia, a member of the STARR restaurants, hosted a whiskey dinner with Philadelphia based New Liberty Distilling. Chef Jason Goodman and New Liberty’s master distiller and co-founder Robert Cassell teamed up on the dinner. In fact, Cassell shared staves from his charred oak Kinsey whiskey barrels that were used to smoke the dishes. The dinner included leg of lamb, braised beef cheeks, duck hash and great side dishes. Cocktails and whiskey were paired with each dish.

kinsey-chocolate-940Whiskey Chocolates from Shane Confectionary
By: Arthur Etchells 9/3/2015, Philadelphia Magazine

Shane Confectionery has partnered up with New Liberty Distillery to introduce chocolates that showcase New Liberty’s Kinsey Whiskey. Kinsey Whiskey is a historical Pennsylvania brand that is being reintroduced by New Liberty’s Robert Cassell. The whiskey is sourced, bottled and blended to match a 1948 sample of the whiskey that Cassell has sourced. Ryan and Eric Berley of Shane have come up with five chocolates to showcase the whiskey’s taste. They are an Old Fashioned Whiskey Cordial, a Mint Julep Cordial, a Salt & Pepper Square, a Honey Lavender Caramel and a Chipotle Pecan Brittle. The chocolates are available at Kensington’s New Liberty Distillery, which is open for tours on weekends. Get them and take your whiskey enjoyment up several notches.

Whiskey in horse stalls, a Bill Clinton bathroom: Inside Kensington’s New Liberty Distillery
By: Danya Henninger 8/1/2015, BillyPen

Horse stalls still line the wood planks of the former stables behind Kensington’s Crane Arts Building. These days, instead of animals, they’re full of barrels holding something more valuable than livestock: Whiskey.

The historic 1906 building is a fitting home for New Liberty Distillery, whose signature Kinsey whiskey is fashioned after spirits from a liquor company founded in Pennsylvania back in 1870. Though the Kinsey brand was very popular in the early 1900s, winning medals at expositions across the nation, Prohibition hit it hard. The brand was revived after Repeal, but never became more than a regional name, and ceased production entirely in the 1970s. Kinsey labels became near-impossible to find.

Where the Booze Comes From: A Guide to Philly’s New Distilling Boom
By: Emily Teel 7/26/2015, Foobooz

Philadelphia has history in spades, it’s true. And while these streets may be haunted by the ghosts of years past, the present is full of a different kind of spirit.

Craft distilling has come home to Pennsylvania, pre-Prohibition seat to scads of small scale booze producers, and though the temperance movement put a damper on things for a good while, Repeal Day—and new legislation passed in 2011—has finally opened up regulations to get the stills firing afresh. Below you’ll find our favorite distillery pioneers in the Philadelphia area.

Rebirth of Regionals: Kinsey “Cask Strength” Whiskey
Wine World News

Did you know that prior to Prohibition, both Maryland and Pennsylvania were known for making their own style of whiskey? It was a proud time in the heritage or our region.

Throughout the 1800’s, Mid-Atlantic farmers would use their excess grain to produce high quality spirits, and though the flavor profiles were similar in these areas, they were not the same. Each had its own hard-to-describe, yet undeniably present nuance that it added to the taste and each earned their own flock of loyal fans.

Philadelphia’s New Liberty Distillery In Kensington Is Now Open To The Public For Tours And Tastings
By: Kristina Jenkins 7/14/2015,

In just the past few years, craft distilling has boomed in the Philadelphia region, helping to restore Pennsylvania to its once-prominent place in the national distilling conversation. In 2011, Pennsylvania’s government passed reforms that allowed distillers to offer tours, samples and sales on-site. These new laws opened up the craft to local distillers who now proudly produce and sell small-batch spirits from Philadelphia.

New Liberty Distillery Opens for Tours
By: Arthur Etchells 7/10/2015, Foobooz

On Saturday, July 11th, Kensington’s New Liberty Distillery opened to the public for the first time. The Distillery is located at 1431 North Cadwallader Street and is offering several levels of tours and tastings. Among the spirits being sampled are Kinsey Rye, Kinsey 7 Year Old, New Liberty White Whiskey and New Liberty Rye Vodka. The Kinsey brand is made from a blend of ryes sourced, blended and bottled by Master Distiller, Robert Cassell. Cassell, formerly master distiller at Philadelphia Distilling, is a principle and master distiller at New Liberty Distilling. The White Whiskey and Rye Vodka are Cassell’s first products made at New Liberty.

Rebirth of Regionals: Kinsey “Cask Strength” Whiskey

Did you know that rye whiskeys have a long and storied history in the United States. Even George Washington distilled rye at his home in Mount Vernon. For more than a century, rye whiskey production centered in Pennsylvania and Maryland, areas with large numbers of Scottish and Irish immigrants who applied their collective distilling knowledge and expertise. Following World War II, sales of rye whiskeys went into a long slump across America, a decline that reflected the steady rise in popularity of blended whiskeys and light mixable spirits such as vodka. By the 1970s, rye whiskeys had all but disappeared from U.S. bars. New Liberty distillery has brought back one of those long forgotten brands called Kisney Whiskey so that today’s consumers can have a taste of the past.

abahamAbraham announces jobs plan at Kensington distillery
By: Brian Hickey 4/17/2015, NinetyNine

On Thursday, mayoral candidate Lynne Abraham headed up to the New Liberty Distillery in Kensington to release her “Jobs for Philadelphia” plan.

Beverage Dynamics Logo

4/10/2015, Beverage Dynamics

The New Liberty Distillery is proud to announce the expansion of its Kinsey 7 Year Old Whiskey and Kinsey Rye Whiskey

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The New Liberty Distillery is proud to announce the expansion of its Kinsey 7 Year Old Whiskey and Kinsey Rye Whiskey

Shanken News Daily

Kinsey Whiskey Expansion
4/8/2015, Shanken News Daily

Philadelphia-based New Liberty Distillery is entering four new markets.  This month, the craft distiller’s Kinsey 7-year-old whiskey and Kinsey Rye whiskey labels will be available throughout South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland and Washington D.C… joining its exiting presence in Pennsylvania and Florida

A Look at our Copper Pot Still
Specific Mechanical Systems Craft Distillery Equipment

Filmed at the New Liberty Distillery, this is a look at a new generation of distilling equipment with interchangeable heads.  A modular, plug and play distilling system

FYI Philly BannerPhiladelphia Distillery Tour
FYI Philly 6ABC

A tour around the new Distilleries in Philadelphia including the New Liberty Distillery


Taste Test: New Liberty’s Kinsey Brand 7-Year Whiskey
2/19/2015, Drink Philly

The New Liberty Distillery is channeling a piece of Pennsylvania’s distilling history in its first line of craft whiskey with their Kinsey Brand 7-Year Whiskey. It might carry a familiar name for some, but New Liberty’s whiskey is taking a path all its own to becoming a favorite of the local craft spirit crowd.

The Craft Distilleries & Spirits Trail of Greater Philadelphia
Visit Philadelphia (

Opened as a partnership between veterans of the spirits industry and a founder of Pennsylvania’s first distillery to open since Prohibition, New Liberty Distillery combines a small-batch distillery and the state’s only major designer and manufacturer of copper stills

New Liberty Distillery! Love it!
1/19/2015 Kristin Rockhill

Meagan gave me a tour of what I would say is one of my favorite venues I have ever been to. I love, love, love the character of this place, it’s city chic, meets industrial loft meets, whiskey distillery meets rustic horse barn! The New Liberty Distillery is a ( super old ) newly renovated space that is perfect for the anti-ballroom bride.

Philadelphia’s Newest Distillery, New Liberty Distillery, Rolls Out First Bottles
12/5/14, Drink Philly

Local distillers are digging into area roots to create the city’s newest distillery. New Liberty Distillery in Kensington is channeling Philadelphia’s post-Prohibition history in their first line of bottles, Kinsey Rye and Kinsey 7-year.

Named after Philadelphia’s original Kinsey Whiskey Brand from the 50’s, the first of New Liberty’s bottles available to the public pays homage to one of the Continental Distilling Company of Pennsylvania’s popular brands but uses modern technique to craft a new product..

article_bottlesKinsey Whiskies 12/5/14,
Modern Distillery Age New

Liberty Distillery, a new Pennsylvania craft distillery, has opened and released Kinsey Rye Whiskey and Kinsey 7 Year Old Whiskey, both described as “interpretations of post-Prohibition-style Pennsylvania whiskies.”

Kinsey was originally a Pennsylvania whiskey brand distilled by Continental Distilling near Philadelphia, and it had its heyday in the 1950s and 1960s but was gone by the late 1970s.

article310 New Philadelphia Venues for Winter Meetings and Events
By: Amy Gordon 11/24/14, BizBash

A working whiskey distillery in the Crane Arts complex, New Liberty Distillery doubles as an event space that opened in August. The rustic setting has dark reclaimed wood floors, exposed brick, and industrial-style lighting.

article2Taste Illustrated: Whiskey Business
By: Arthur Etchells 11/20/14, Philadelphia Magazine

In and around Philadelphia, the advent of “limited distillery license” in 2011 started a mini-boom in handcrafted, artsinal local spirits. Check out the difference between operating distilleries in 2012 and today.

article1High Spirits
By: Craig LaBan 9/1/14,

When Robert Cassell first popped onto the spirit scene in 2006 as the master behind Bluecoat gin and Philadelphia Distilling, his company was a pioneer in a Pennsylvania craft distilling movement, that, at the time, numbered just one.

Eight years later, after a split with his founding partners, Cassell, 35, is starting anew in a big way, launching an innovative line of stills, chairing the newly formed Pennsylvania Distillers Guild, and firing up a new whiskey distillery in the Olde Kensington section of North Philadelphia. But when New Liberty Distillery comes on line in August in a historic stable in the Crane Arts complex off North American Street, his new still will hardly be alone.